How much do driving courses cost?

Because needs vary from one person to another, we suggest you contact Star Driving School to obtain pricing.
Please note: If you see prices posted on the Internet by certain competitors, we suggest that you check and ask questions to make sure that the price announced corresponds to the training hours you need and to find out what is and isn’t included in the contract.
At Star, our prices are competitive and our contracts are not misleading.

I’ve started my courses. Is there a time limit to complete them?

Usually, a contract with Star Driving School lasts 18 months. If you have not completed your driving course at the end of the contract, the school can extend the contract under certain conditions. The duration of the contract will be written on the contract that you signed.

I will soon be 16 and I am interested in driving courses. Can you tell me when I can start my courses?

You can start the theory lessons a few weeks before your turn 16. Once you are 16, with your Module 5 test successfully completed and your certificate in hand, you can go to the SAAQ to obtain your learner’s licence.

How many months before I can pass my exam and get my driver’s licence?

The mandatory program is spread through 13 months. You may pass your first knowledge test at your driving school, at Module 5,  minimum  28 days after starting the Road Safety Education Program. You will be able to pass your second knowledge test at the SAAQ once you had your learner’s licence for at least 10 months. You can then pass your road test at the SAAQ once you have completed your 15 in-car sessions, passed your knowledge test and have had your learner’s licence for at least 12 months.

I have my learner’s licence for a year and it will expire in six months. I want to know if I will have enough time to follow my courses and avoid renewal costs.

If there is little time left before your learner’s licence expires, quickly contact Star Driving School to know the date on which you can start your courses. Depending on the number of months left before your licence expires, the school personnel will work hard to provide you with a course schedule that will correspond to your needs.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Star Driving School offer flexible payment terms, and also accept debit cards and credit cards. Contact us by phone or email to learn about the payment plan tailored to your needs

I started my courses elsewhere and I would like to switch over to Star Driving School. Is this possible?

Certainly! If you started your courses in another driving school and, whatever the reason, you want to continue at Star Driving School, you can ask the other school for a certificate indicating the courses already completed and, subsequently, register at Star Driving School with the certificate. We will take into account the certificate and the courses that you have already completed elsewhere.

If I already have my learner’s licence, do I need to take a theory and a practical course?

If you obtained your learner’s licence before January 2010, you can register for in-car sessions only. Contact us to register.  If your learner’s licence is expired, you should renew it before you register for a driving course.

When do the next theory classes start?

To learn about the theory class schedule, you must contact the school. Schedules are flexible. New classes begin each week.

Why do some students fail their driving test 3 or 4 times?

Many factors can explain numerous failures of the SAAQ test:

  1. Stress: Based on the feedback we get from students, stress is often an important factor that explains failing the test. To overcome stress, we suggest that you practice driving with a number of people and in a variety of locations.
  2. Lack of practice: The Road Safety Education Program consists of 15 in-car sessions of 55 minutes each, and this is usually sufficient for the majority of people, provided they are able to practice between each lesson. It is important to know that a number of students need additional classes to consolidate specific knowledge (e.g.: parking). The SAAQ has established 15 x 55 minutes as a reference to obtain a driving certificate, but it is very common that a student may need 20 or even 30 hours of practice.